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29 Jan 2013

I thought that since it feels pretty late to enter the blogosphere at my age, I will write up a small explaination if there is anyone interested.

As I have always had a passion for things that are fast (being code or vehicles), I started a site where I was writing tweak guides for games, especially FPS games. Back in ‘99, s I realized that many of these games ([Quake](, Half-Life had simple text based config files, I decided to write my first program to simplify the task. The tool of choice was Visual Basic and after the cstweak, q3tweak and uttweak programs were written I started to write a simple browser for servers of multi-player games, this time in Java. Anyway, the effort of the project was kind of lost when GameSpy emerged.

Since then I have written a ton of hobby projects, including phone blog software (Phoggy), SMS ad tracking/target software, CMS systems in PHP and Python++. A lot of it has been lost (some of it for the better). I have not had a “blog” since 2004, so I thought it was about time to let the world know I’m alive.

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